Yvie Meets…
10 januari 2024



As the new kid on the block, Yvie is finding her way around on Overhoeks by meeting other people in the area. This time she’s meeting Do Janne Vermeulen, architect-director and founding partner of Team V Architecture, responsible for the design of Yvie.

Can you tell us more about Team V Architecture?
“In 2013, I founded Team V Architecture together with Jeroen van Schooten. We are an Amsterdam based practise with a multidisciplinary scope. We design a wide variety of projects: apartments, hotels, but also public transport hubs. Over the years our team has grown from 13 to 60 people.”

How did Team V Architecture get involved in project Yvie?
“In 2014, we were asked by the developers for local advice on the location, the programme and the required high quality architecture. A challenge that we wanted to take on immediately!”

What were the biggest challenges?
“The concept development phase has been intense. It is quite a difficult combination of functions that has to be realized on a small piece of land: two high rise towers and a low rise conference area. To show the difference in the programming of the towers, we designed two architectural designs in one project: a slim and generous design for the hotel tower and conference area and a more expressive design for the apartment tower, with prominent balconies. We also puzzled intensely on how we could make the buildings more attractive on

street level. We solved this puzzle by placing the restaurants and cafes that are part of the conference hotel on the ground floor and by making transparent facades.” 

What are you most proud of?
“First of all I am proud of the whole team working on Yvie. Together, we aim to keep the quality that we envisioned right at the beginning of the project. Over time, we’ve encountered quite some struggles, but we are still all certain about what we want as the end result. More practically, I am proud that we managed to make a nice and sheltered terrace on the rooftop of the conference area. Normally, rooftops are used as an area for technical installations. By planning the wellness area on the third floor of the lowrise building and by placing the technical installations on the second floor, we were able to connect the wellness to the roof garden. Future tenants and hotel guests will not only have a much nicer view but will also be able to enjoy a private piece of outdoor space on Overhoeks.”



What do you like about Overhoeks?
“Overhoeks is something special. You can’t find anything like it elsewhere in Amsterdam. The cultural programme with the EYE Filmmuseum and Tolhuistuin was already there before the redevelopment of housing started. That has made Overhoeks an attractive part of the city from the beginning. I also like the way the various buildings have different heights and are all planned around the future Schegpark. This gives the area a spacious feeling. Furthermore, the old part of Amsterdam Noord, the Van der Pek area, is right around the corner. The shopping street and the weekly market connect old and new Noord.”

What can future tenants expect from Yvie?
“High quality apartments with maximum focus on the great views over Amsterdam. All apartments have large windows. The window sills are 40 centimeters high, which make them a perfect place to sit and enjoy the views. Also, all apartments have at least one outdoor area. Some even with a loggia for a more sheltered outdoor space. And as the apartments come in all shapes and sizes, I expect a diverse community of tenants.”

What are you looking forward to most?
“This project is of the long haul, due to its complexity. In June 2022 the contractor reached the highest point in construction and now I can see Yvie from my office window. I can’t wait to see it completely finished and to also talk to the first tenants. I hope that they experience their new home the way we designed it.”